My thesis was on the design, modeling and construction of a 1m railgun

I went on to work at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, where I built railguns for defense application under a grant from the Department of Homeland Security

I then went on to UC Davis, where I conduct research on nanotechnology, focusing on nanomagnetism

Beyond my professional progress, I also enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, travel, and spending time with my dogs!

My family includes my mother, father, and a brother!

My wife and I started dating in high school, living together and apart for 12 years, as we pursued our Bachelors degrees, then Ph.D. - me in Physics at Davis, her in Environmental Science at Berkeley. In Aug. 2015 we finally got married.  

I moved out and went to undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz, getting my degree in physics - graduating with accademic honors in the major, and an honors thesis

About Me:

Born in Texas, as a child I moved throughout the US south, I eventually ended up in San Diego, CA, where I attended San Pasqual high school.