Archived News

01/29/16 Gave colloquium at Naval Postgraduate School Physics Department "Designing Nanomaterials by Controlling Oxygen Distributions"

12/14/15 Gave invited talk at "Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum Future Directions in Magnetism" 

11/1915 Gave colloquium at University of Maryland Physics Department on "Designing Functional Magnetic Interfaces through Oxygen Migration"

10/08/15 Published in Nature Communications our recent work on artificial skyrmion lattices! It is fully Open Access! Please go read it! Nature Comm. 6, 8462

10/08/15 Gave invited talk at UCSD's CMRR on artificial skyrmion lattices.

10/05/15 Gave invited talk at UVA on designing interfacial oxidation states.

09/24/15 Gave invited talk at EMN Open Access week in Chengdu, China on designing interfacial oxidation states.

05/12/15 Recent publication "A New Reversal Mode in Exchange Coupled Antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic Disks: Distorted Viscous Vortex" in RCS's ​Nanoscale, DOI: 10.1039/C5NR01856K

04/15/15 I will be giving an invited talk at the 2015 Energy Materials and Nanotechnology Conference in Chengdu China.

​03/01/15 Will be presenting at the American Physical Society March Meeting 2015

11/03/14 Attended the conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Hawaii.  Presented DF-01, HC-05, and co-authored BI-05, BP-07 and GF-09

​09/11/14 Recent publication, co-author "Accessing different spin-disordered states using first-order reversal curves" Phys. Rev. B 90, 104410 (2014)

09/08/14 Began as an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

​08/02/14 Submitted by completed dissertation "Physics on the Nanoscale - a Study of Nanomagnetic Phenomina"

08/01/14 First author of recent publication "Probing the A1 to L10 transformation in FeCuPt using the first order reversal curve method" APL Materials 2, 086106 (2014) [Open Access, please read]

07/21/14 Co-author of "Magnetization reversal in perpendicularly magnetized L10 FePd/FePt heterostructures" J. Appl. Phys. 116, 033922 (2014)

​02/26/14 Publication! "Quantitative Decoding of Interactions in Tunable Nanomagnet Arrays Using First Order Reversal Curves", Scientific Reports, 4, 4204 (2014)

02/06/14 Invited talk at NIST, NCNR: "Traversing the Minorloop Landscape with FORC"

02/03/14 Abstracts Accepted to Intermag 2014, BB-11 and FH-05

11/18/13 Giving a talk at IEEE Magnetics Society in Santa Clara Valley tomorrow! 7:30PM at Western Digital (

11/08/13 Received Margaret Burbidge Award for best Graduate Student Experimental Research at the APS regional meeting:

11/04-09/13 Attended MMM in Denver, Presented out work on GdFe/NiCoO exchange bias, IrMn/Py exchange biased dots, and Quantitative determination of interactions using FORC.

11/01-02/13 Attended Regional APS society meeting in Sonoma, presenting my work on FeCuPt 

09/12/13 My work on FePtCu was featured in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science quarterly magazine Page 10

08/05/13  Got all three abstracts submitted to MMM2013 accepted.  Come by and see me at FP-11, AD-05, and HD-06.  Also come see my work featured in an invited talk by my PI, Kai Liu, AB-01